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Mr. Mont's Physics Ning
My Ning.

The Physics Discussion Page
My Blog.

PhET - The Physics Education Technology Project
The Physics Education Technology (PhET) project at the University of Colorado produces fun, interactive simulations of physical phenomena that make bridges to the real world.

The Physics Factbook
How fast is a commercial jet? How about a bullet? What is the daily mass of trash generated by New York City? All this and more at an outstanding website; the information was compiled by students at Midwood High School in NY, and edited by their physics teacher, Glenn Elert. All information is given in clear, easily read tables, and is fully cited.

Paper Coasters
An ingenious way to build and simulate coasters in the classroom.

Ask a Scientist
Searchable archive of questions answered by real scientists at the US Department of Energy.

The Wham-o Superball®
There WAS none better. Wham-o has apparently contracted out to China, and now they don't bounce as high as they used too. I'm very disappointed. Luckily, I bought mine in 1998 just before they did this. The whole story is here (links to ebay may be blocked by our network):

Brain Bites
Video answers to NASA's most frequently asked questions. Topics include: "How do they got to the bathroom in space?"
What's up in space. Find out about sunspots, comets, solar flares and other space phenomena that are going on right now.

NASA's Near Earth Object (NEO) Program
Worried about comet/asteroid impact? NASA's NEO program is currently tracking over 800 known Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs). The site also contains some nice Java Applets of the orbits of the PHAs within our solar system.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

International Star Registry
From their website: "Name a star for any occasion. Naming stars since 1979, our list of satisfied customers include celebrities, dignitaries, and individuals worldwide. We have named hundreds of thousands of stars for people from all walks of life. So, whether it be for your sweetheart or your top sales agent, a star name makes a unique and welcome gift."

NASA's Visible Earth Site
A catalog of NASA images and animations of the home planet.

Pictures of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
Pictures of the auroras contributed by folks from around the world. Very pretty.

Pictures of the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights)
Posted on Simon Coggins' website. Simon works for the British Antarctic Survey.

Snopes Urban Legends Site
Before you forward that e-mail to everyone you know, check here to find out the truth. Great listing of urban legends. Caution: some PG-13 content.

Hoax Buster's Site (now defunct)
Was maintained by the US Department of Energy. Listed many virus-hoaxes and urban legends. Too bad it's gone

The James Randi Educational Foundation
Dedicated to exposing false paranormal claims. The Foundation maintains a $1 million reward for any psychic abilities that can be demonstrated under strict scientific conditions. So far, no one has collected.

The National Hurricane Center
Track the progress of tropical depressions, storms, and hurricanes.

The BBC's Interactive Map of Urban Growth
This interactive map allows you to click through the years and watch the growth of city populations across the globe.

UN's Environmental Site: Maps and Graphics
Great catalog of graphics and interactive maps of environmental information from all over the world.